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Protect Your Assets, On the Go.

Harris Industries is proud to offer a full line of CCTV, HDCVI and IP Cameras, as well as DVRS, NVRS and Tribrid DVRS. We are able to match your budget and needs with the best fit for Security Cameras. 

We Offer Several Camera Setting Solutions Including:

  • Residential Security Cameras
  • Small Business Cameras
  • Construction Site Cameras
  • Gas Station Cameras (With Video Loss/ Pump Control) 
  • Retail Store Cameras
  • Out Door Cameras

Although IP is the highest quality camera, Sometimes an HDCVI system allows a cheaper upgrade from the old CCTV system. Even with the HDCVI using existing Cameras you will get 720p on your new setup! Wow! 

Call us today to find out more about our camera solutions!