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LogicMark Freedom Alert Medical


One Time Payment of $349.99, No Monthly Fees

Freedom Alert is a personal emergency response system (PERS) with a two way voice pendant that allows the user to immediately call for help if they have fallen and can't get up, or are in need of assistance.  Freedom Alert provides protection with no monthly or additional fees.  All that is needed is the Freedom Alert system and a phone line.  The included two way voice pendant can be worn around the neck, in a belt clip, or attached with a wrist or wheelchair strap (included).

Freedom Alert is perfect for older adults, physically disabled or anyone at risk, in a private residence, nursing home or elder care facility.  What makes it different than most other products use the base station as a speaker phone, so if the user is away from the base they can't have a conversation.  Freedom Alert uses the pendant (or optional emergency help button) for two way voice calls so the user is protected wherever they go in or around the home without having to shout to a base station in another location.

How does it work?  The base station connects to a wall outlet and telephone line connection.  The system is initially programmed using a regular house phone with up to 4 personal contacts and/or 911.  When the button on the wireless Freedom Alert pendant is pressed,  the first person in the list is called and when they answer, they can have a two way conversation with the user.  If the first person doesn't answer or an answering machine is reached, the next person is called and if no-one answers, the system can be programmed to repeat - or call 911 directly.

The pendant operates on a rechargeable lithium battery that can be recharged by the base unit and lasts up to 6 months.  An emergency wall communicator can be installed in strategic locations and up to 4 units - pendants or wall communicators, can be programmed to the base.

Freedom Alert Features:
  • Two Way Voice communicating Pendant
  • Calls up to 4 personal contacts and/or 911using a standard phone line. Compatible with most VOIP lines as well.
  • Slide switch on unit allows to select 3 modes:
    • Call up to 4 custom contacts
    • Call up to 4 custom contacts & then emergency 911
    • Call 911 directly
  • Dial 5 feature: Call recipient is prompted to press ’5' to continue emergency call. If the call hits voice mail and ’5' is not pressed, the next programmed number will be dialed automatically
  • Pendant can be used to answer incoming calls from anywhere in range of the base (pendant does not 'ring' on incoming calls)
  • System test and battery test functions
  • Audible prompts and confirmations during set-up and testing
  • Combination of up to 4 pendants or Emergency Wall Communicators can be programmed to one base station
  • Pendant is water resistant
  • Auto power off of pendant after one minute of inactivity
  • 24 hour emergency battery back-up
  • Extra telephone jack in base unit
  • Water resistant pendant
  • Compatible with any standard tone land-line and most VoIP
  • DECT communication technology (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications)
  • Operating Frequency: 1.9 GHz Spread Spectrum
  • Wireless Range: 600ft (183m) line of site. Note this is a maximum out in a field.  Interference or obstructions will reduce range.  This product is designed to easily cover a standard home inside and outside front/back yards.
  • Kit includes 2 rechargeable batteries for the pendant (replacement part LOM-35917) and 4 rechargeable batteries for the base (replacement part# LOM-35918), available from Harris Industries.
  • Conforms to UL 1637
  • Pendant: 1.4oz – 41g (w/ battery)  L: 2.13" (body) 3" (w/ antenna)  W: 1.25"  D: .75"
  • 1 year warranty