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Harris Industries- Powered by Alarm.Com

Harris Industries is proud to be the First Smart Security Provider locally to Central Ontario. We Provide Home and Business Monitored Security Systems and thanks to our Partnership with Alarm.Com we combine Home Automation, Energy Management, Smart Thermostat and live feed Cameras all into one easy to use, and easy to understand mobile phone app.

About Us

The Sales Process: 

We have a Pretty Straight Forward Sales Process with Harris Industries: 

1) We Perform an in Home Consultation to Properly Assess and Quote you on the Security System to Properly Meet your needs!

2) You will sign a Contract for Services and/or a Service Approval Form that agrees that you allow us to perform said services/ installations at your property. 

3) We schedule an Install date at least 10 days from the Signing of the contract. This is a Cool off period to allow you to perform any more research that you feel you require, and if you feel needed to back out of the service/contract with no penalty. We adhere to the Ontario Consumer Protection Act which requires the Cool off Period which we can not avoid. 

4) Our Licensed, Bonded Installers will professionally install your system to the proper settings. All Of our Work is Guaranteed for the length of the contract (under normal use). The System will be able to use immediately and before the technician leaves your property; you will be provided a complete walk through of the entire system and all of its cool features. 

5) For Monitored Systems, 5 Days after the Install Date; we will return and active your system to be monitored. The 5 Day rule allows new users to learn the system and for the odd chance that the system malfunctions you do not need to worry about Police, Fire or EMS being Dispatched. 

5.1) For all other systems: 5 days after the install date you will receive an email or call to follow up on your installation and to answer any questions or concerns you have with your system. 

6) Our Customer Service doesn't stop once your system is installed; Customer Support is available 24/7 for all of our systems simply by calling us!

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